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January 16, 2020
“Congress makes funding decisions, and the Trump Administration’s illegal impoundment of these vital national security funds was a brazen assault on the checks and balances inherent to our democracy. Given that this illegal conduct threatened our security and undermined our elections, I feel even more strongly that the House has chosen the right course by impeaching President Trump. No one is above the law."
January 15, 2020
"“As appropriators, we have fought for the release of the aid by questioning Secretary Carson, establishing a legal deadline for agency action, conducting an oversight hearing with HUD officials and the Inspector General, and withholding money from the Department in the most recent appropriations bill. It should never have come to this."
January 14, 2020
"Make no mistake: This decision will make Americans less safe, burden more military families, and do further violence to the Constitutional separation of powers that are inherent to our democracy.”

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