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May 1, 2019 Statement
"In March, at a time when then-Secretary Nielsen was focused on managing a surge of migrants at our southern border, the secretary cited cyberthreats as her top priority. She said, 'The cyberdomain is a target, a weapon, and a threat vector all at the same time.' I share her concerns -– not only for federal networks, but also for the nation’s critical infrastructure, because our adversaries are moving and adapting at a pace that far exceeds our own. Yet the FY 2020 request, once again, proposes a reduction to these missions."
April 30, 2019 Statement
"Every FEMA program and activity is critical. That is why I was disappointed that the administration proposes an overall cut of 8.5 percent to FEMA’s budget outside of the Disaster Relief Fund. The proposed cuts are particularly glaring in the Federal Assistance account, which has a proposed 20 percent reduction to the current year budget."
April 30, 2019 Statement
"I want to be clear: ensuring the integrity of our borders and enforcing immigration laws are difficult but necessary jobs. But this administration’s politicization of border security and heartless obsession with aggressive immigration enforcement are un-American and unacceptable."
April 30, 2019 Statement
"With regards to immigration enforcement and the challenges that we face at the border, my hope is we can work together to find a balance between protecting our borders and preserving our American values, which so far has been lacking in this administration."
April 2, 2019 Statement
"After making significant new investments in your workforce and to equip it with advanced security technologies in the bill for fiscal year 2019, I was disappointed to see that the president’s fiscal year 2020 budget proposes a cut to TSA’s funding."
March 6, 2019 Statement
"There are many critical areas for oversight of the Department of Homeland Security. Therefore, it is fitting to formally begin our hearings with the Office of Inspector General, which is perhaps in the best position inform us about how the Department of Homeland Security is doing."
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May 28, 2014 Press Release

Mr. Chairman, I want to begin by commending you for leading another open, collaborative, and bipartisan process in constructing the appropriations bill the subcommittee is considering today.  We will never agree on every issue or funding level, but you and your staff have consistently worked with our side of the aisle in good faith, and have accommodated members of both parties in many instances.  So I will be supporting the chairman’s mark, and I encourage my colleagues to do the same.

March 26, 2014 Press Release

Administrator Fugate, thank you for joining us this morning to discuss FEMA’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2015.  Your tenure has been a busy one, particularly in 2011, which brought a record high 99 Major Disaster Declarations, along with 29 Emergency Declarations and 114 Fire Management Assistance Declarations, also a record level.   Since 2011, we have seen an additional 109 Major Declarations, including of course Superstorm Sandy in 2012 – the biggest test of FEMA’s capabilities since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  

March 25, 2014 Press Release

Administrator Pistole, thank you for joining us this morning to discuss the Transportation Security Administration’s budget request for fiscal year 2015.  Your agency has a uniquely difficult task:  broadly securing the transportation sector, including not only aviation, but also rail, mass transit, highways, and pipelines.