Hearing - Native American Public Witnesses

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 9:30am
B-308 Rayburn

Lloyd Tortalita, Former Governor, Pueblo of Acoma
Walter Dasheno, Governor, Santa Clara Pueblo Faye BlueEyes, Program Director, Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School, accompanied by Ervin Chavez, President, DCG School Board
Ben Shelly, President, Navajo Nation
Martha Garcia, Ramah Navajo Chapter Development Officer, Ramah Band of Navajo/Ramah Navajo Chapter
Nancy Martine-Alonzo, President, Ramah Navajo School Board
Raymond Maxx, Executive Director, Navajo Hopi Land Commission Office of Navajo Nation
Todd Honyaoma, Vice President, Native American Grant School Association (NAGSA)
Harold Dusty Bull, Vice President, National Johnson-O'Malley Association
Joy Culbreath, Executive Director, Education Services, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Melanie Knight, Secretary of State, Cherokee Nation
Melanie Knight, Secretary of State, Cherokee Nation
Elbridge Coochise, Chief Justice, Retired, Independent Review Team on Tribal Courts
The Honorable Rick Berg, Member, US Congress
Ervin Carlson, President, Inter-Tribal Bison Cooperative
Dave Archambault II, Councilman, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
John Yellow Bird Steele, President, Oglala Sioux Tribe
Dr. David M. Gipp, President, United Tribes Technical College, accompanied by Dr. Russell M. Swagger, Vice President, Student and Campus Services, United Tribes Technical College

(Testimony: Part I / Part II / Part III)

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112th Congress