House Republicans Focus DOD on Winning Combat Wars, Not Culture Wars

Sep 27, 2023

House Republicans are bringing an end to the Biden Administration’s divisive social agenda at the Department of Defense.

H.R. 4365, the Fiscal Year 2024 Defense Appropriations Act, uses the power of the purse to refocus the Pentagon on the true mission of the military: providing for our national defense.


With our near-peer enemies becoming bolder and more capable, the United States must maintain a dominant military posture to deter and, if necessary, defeat any threats to our national security. This requires that we focus our investments on military readiness and modernization.

Every dollar must be prioritized toward warfighting initiatives and the quality of life for our servicemembers. We cannot afford to waste taxpayer money on far-left policies at the expense of these priorities.

We must provide the men and women of our military with the tools they need to defend our nation,” said House Appropriations Chairwoman Kay Granger during her remarks at full committee markup. “This bill sends a clear message. The United States is serious about investing in our capabilities, such as ammunition and ships; we will support our allies; and we are prepared to meet and defeat our enemies.”

“To get the Department focused on its warfighting mission and away from culture wars, the bill includes a number of new general provisions that send a clear message to the Department,” stated Defense Subcommittee Chairman Ken Calvert during his remarks at full committee markup. “Unfortunately, the current leadership of the Department of Defense is inappropriately using the military as a means to carry out a partisan, divisive political agenda.”



The FY24 Defense Appropriations Act defunds many of the Administration’s divisive funding proposals and rejects far-left social distractors, including:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs and initiatives;
  • Critical Race Theory and associated concepts;
  • Abortion-related paid leave and travel expenses;
  • Sex change procedures; and
  • Drag shows or similar events.

Cuts to these partisan, unnecessary initiatives are redirected to activities and programs that ensure our military is the most lethal fighting force in the world, including pay increases for enlisted service members, weapons and technology to counter China, additional aircraft, and more training.

Ultimately, this bill rejects culture wars and instead prepares us for combat wars in a fiscally responsible manner.