Support for FY24 Appropriations Bills Pours In

Jun 16, 2023

This week, the House Appropriations Committee approved:

✔️ FY24 subcommittee allocations;
✔️ FY24 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill;

✔️ FY24 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and
      Drug Administration bill.


FY24 Subcommittee Allocations
Before consideration of subcommittee allocations, Chairwoman Kay Granger stated that The Fiscal Responsibility Act set a topline spending cap – a ceiling, not a floor – for Fiscal Year 2024 bills.”
She continued by saying that she will “use this opportunity to mark up appropriations bills that limit new spending to the Fiscal Year 2022 topline level.”
During Full Committee consideration, Chairwoman Granger said, “[The allocations] fulfill our commitment to focus our limited resources on the core responsibilities of the federal government. National security, veterans, and border security are our priorities.”



“National Taxpayers Union (NTU), the nation’s oldest taxpayer advocacy organization, applauds the Committee’s efforts to limit spending to the Fiscal Year 2022 topline levels and to pass all appropriations bills into law.” – National Taxpayers Union
FY24 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Bill
House Republicans’ commitment to our nation’s veterans will never waver, and the FY24 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill delivered on that promise by fully funding veterans’ health care, benefits, and other critical VA programs.
“The proposed appropriations bill, as it stands, demonstrates a responsible first step in the process of funding the Department of Veterans Affairs fiscal year 2024 budget.” American Legion National Commander Jim Troiola



“House Republicans are engaging the culture war via the appropriations process by seeking to defund key left-wing priorities like abortion, so-called “gender-affirming care”, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” boards, and more… Major credit to Rep. Kay Granger, Rep. John Carter, and the other Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee for getting this done yesterday! Huge victory for conservatives.” – American Principles Project
FY24 Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration Bill
The FY24 Agriculture, Rural Development, and FDA bill prioritizes the agencies and programs that protect our nation’s food and drug supply; support farmers, ranchers, and rural communities; and ensure low-income Americans have access to nutrition programs - all while reining in wasteful spending.


“House Appropriations Committee, thank you for standing up against the abuse of power by the FDA and the unsafe approval of chemical abortion drugs that threaten women’s health.” – Concerned Women for America