Democrats Vote Against Fully Funding the VA

May 22, 2023

This week, Republicans on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee displayed their continued support for our veterans by introducing and subsequently approving the Subcommittee’s Fiscal Year 2024 bill.

After weeks of false claims and accusations that Republicans would cut funding to critical care and benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Subcommittee Chairman John Carter set the record straight upon release of the bill:



The FY24 bill prioritizes our nation’s heroes by providing $319.763 billion for the VA, which matches the President’s Budget Request and is $16.481 billion above the enacted level.

  • Veterans’ health care is FULLY funded;
  • Veterans’ benefits are FULLY funded;
  • PACT Act is FULLY funded; and
  • Other VA programs like the electronic health record modernization initiative are FULLY funded.

In a joint statement, Appropriations Chairwoman Kay Granger, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Chairman John Carter, and Veterans Affairs Chairman Mike Bost said the FY24 bill delivers on House Republicans’ promise to our veterans and they are “united in upholding our commitment to our veterans while fulfilling one of our most fundamental obligations: funding the federal government.”



During the markup of the bill, Chairwoman Kay Granger made it clear in her remarks that we can and we will reprioritize spending:
With our markups this week, we will demonstrate how we are able to reduce overall spending without impacting our commitment to veterans, national defense, or homeland security.”

The Chairwoman added: “This bill before us fully and responsibly funds veterans’ health care. It will ensure our veterans get the medical treatment they deserve.”


Photo of Chairwoman Kay Granger (TX)


Subcommittee Chairman John Carter said during his opening statement,We kept our promise! And we did it responsibly!

He also noted: “We did not accept the proposed shift of more than $14 billion to the mandatory side of the budget. Instead, we utilized the Cost of War Toxic Exposure Fund as intended: to cover the incremental costs above the FY21 baseline to implement the PACT Act.”


Photo of Subcommittee Chairman John Carter (TX)


In a statement after the Subcommittee approved the measure, Subcommittee Member David Valadao said,I’m proud that our bill fully funds the VA, veterans’ healthcare, and other critical veterans’ benefits programs.”


Photo of Subcommittee Member David Valadao (CA)


“Despite the Biden Administration’s baseless claims, House Republicans have delivered on our promise to care for the men and women who have served this nation,” said Subcommittee Member Rep. John Rutherford in a statement touting his support of the bill.


Photo of Subcommittee Member John Rutherford (FL)


Subcommittee Member Stephanie Bice was sure to flag the bill for the President ⬇️



Meanwhile, Subcommittee Democrats rallied against the bill and shouted “NO” when voting on the measure, which does exactly what they said Republicans wouldn’t do: fully fund the VA.
Instead of misleading veterans, Democrats should be working with House Republicans to ensure our nation’s veterans are properly and adequately cared for.
A handful of other Appropriators echoed their support for the bill on social media