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Rogers: Omnibus Targets Funding to Important Programs, Continues Downward Trend in Federal Spending

Washington, Jan 13 -

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers today unveiled the fiscal year 2014 Omnibus Appropriations bill, the legislation that will provide discretionary funding for the entire federal government for the fiscal year.

“The Omnibus will fulfill the basic duty of Congress; it provides funding for every aspect of the federal government, from our national defense, to our transportation systems, to the education of our kids,” Chairman Rogers said. “The bill reflects careful decisions to realign the nation’s funding priorities and target precious tax dollars to important programs where they are needed the most. At the same time, the legislation will continue the downward trend in federal spending to put our nation on a sustainable fiscal path.”

The Omnibus contains all 12 regular appropriations bills for fiscal year 2014, with no area of the government functioning under a Continuing Resolution. This allows every program to be weighed individually and prioritized, with funding targeted to the most important and effective programs while lower-priority programs are reduced. 

“My committee worked closely with our colleagues in the Senate to find common ground. This bill is a compromise, but it reflects Republican priorities and holds the line on spending in many critical areas,” Chairman Rogers continued.

Bill Highlights –

Omnibus Summaries For summaries of the 12 Appropriations bills within the Omnibus, please visit the following:




            Energy and Water

            Financial Services

            Homeland Security

            Interior and Environment

            Labor/Health and Human Services/Education

            Legislative Branch

            Military Construction/Veterans Affairs

            State/Foreign Operations

            Transportation/Housing and Urban Development

For informational overall funding charts and graphs, please visit: /UploadedFiles/FY14_Omnibus_-_Informational_Graphs.pdf

For the full text of the bill and accompanying report, please visit: