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Appropriations Committee Releases the Fiscal Year 2016 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Bill

Bill will fund critical infrastructure and safety programs, provide responsible levels of funding for low-income housing

Washington, Apr 28 -

The House Appropriations Committee today released the fiscal year 2016 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development funding bill, which will be considered in subcommittee tomorrow. The legislation includes funding for the Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and other related agencies.

In total, the bill reflects an allocation of $55.3 billion in discretionary spending – an increase of $1.5 billion above fiscal year 2015 and $9.7 billion below the President’s budget request. However, given reduced offsets – primarily caused by a $1.1 billion decline in Federal Housing Administration receipts – the bill actually represents an increase of only $25 million above the current level. Within the legislation, funds are targeted toward transportation, infrastructure, and housing programs of national need and significance that have the biggest impact on Americans and communities across the country.

“This bill invests in critical infrastructure programs that will keep our people and our businesses moving, and that will make our roads, rails, and airways safe for all. And to provide needed shelter to those most vulnerable – including low-income families and seniors– the bill provides responsible levels of funding for core housing programs,” House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said. “These are tight-budget times, and this legislation makes the most out of each and every transportation and housing dollar.”

Subcommittee Chairman Mario Diaz-Balart said, “This bill supports our nation's most critical infrastructure and housing needs by focusing on core operations and cutting wasteful programs. Though difficult decisions had to be made, I am confident our priorities will ensure the stability of these vital areas. I look forward to continue working with my colleagues to move this bill through the legislative process.

Bill Highlights:

The bill prioritizes funding for critical transportation projects and programs to encourage economic growth and efficiency, and on core housing programs for the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Given tight budget constraints, the bill closely targets funds in these critical programs, while making responsible choices to reduce spending in lower-priority areas.

Transportation – The bill includes $17.2 billion in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Transportation for fiscal year 2016. This is $1 billion below the fiscal year 2015 enacted level and $6.8 billion below the President’s request. Within this amount, funding is prioritized on programs and projects with national need or significance, and that will help make the nation’s transportation systems more efficient. 

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – The legislation includes a total of $42 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an increase of $1 billion above the fiscal year 2015 enacted level and $3 billion below the request.

Community Planning and Development – The bill contains $6.4 billion for Community Planning and Development programs – $85.6 million below the fiscal year 2015 enacted level. The Community Development Block Grant formula program is funded at $3 billion – the same as last year’s level. The HOME Investment Partnerships Program is also funded at the fiscal year 2015 level of $900 million.  Homeless Assistance Grants are funded at $2.2 billion, an increase of $50 million over the fiscal year 2015 enacted level – which will enable the renewal of all projects meeting performance standards.

For the subcommittee draft text of the legislation, please visit: /UploadedFiles/BILLS-114HR-SC-AP-FY2016-TransHUD-SubcommitteeDraft.pdf