February 12, 2020 Statement
"I welcome today’s distinguished elected tribal leaders and non-elected tribal leaders, all of whom play an important role in educating others on Native issues and challenges. The issues we’ll be hearing about this morning are part of the treaty and trust obligation that the United States owes to Native Americans."
February 11, 2020 Statement
"The Capitol Police is an essential agency of the Legislative Branch. Chief, your team, is charged with keeping Congress - it’s Members, employees, visitors, and facilities both here and within our districts safe and protected from harm’s way. The men and women of the Capitol Police put their lives on the line each day to ensure Congress can operate efficiently."
February 11, 2020 Statement
"Although the budget for the Open World Center is small as compared to the rest of our Legislative Branch Agencies, it’s had a real impact in showcasing US values and democratic institutions in an area of the world where Russian officials stand firmly against our nation's democratic principles."
February 11, 2020 Statement
"We have to do everything that we can possibly do to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse, and mismanagement. We need to ensure that all of the USDA programs, over which our subcommittee has oversight, are operated with the best possible efficiencies in order to create the best possible outcome for those who use the agency."
February 11, 2020 Statement
"The federal government entered into treaties guaranteeing health care to Native Americans. A few months ago, I travelled to South Dakota and saw firsthand how centuries later the government is still not meeting its responsibilities. The need for investment in health care and related facilities is real and we will continue to do the best we can with the allocation we are given."
February 10, 2020 Press Release
“It is unfortunate that instead of using his budget to build on the historic investments in last year’s budget deal, the President doubled down on partisan talking points that have no chance of becoming law. Just as we did last year, House Democrats will write responsible appropriations bills that invest in American families and communities.”
February 7, 2020 Press Release
The House today passed emergency supplemental appropriations legislation to provide support to Puerto Rico following a series of recent earthquakes.
February 7, 2020 Press Release
"In recent weeks, thousands of families in Puerto Rico were forced from their homes, schools were flattened, and roads and infrastructure were severely damaged as earthquakes wracked an island still struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricanes Maria and Irma. While President Trump has finally released some of the aid Congress appropriated for those hurricanes, more support is clearly needed. We must act now on our shared responsibility to assist Americans in need."
February 6, 2020 Statement
"Today we will hear about numerous topics related to the jurisdiction of this subcommittee, including Arts and Humanities, the environment, public lands, and wildlife. I am eager to learn more about each of your priorities and I look forward to our discussions on these issues because I believe it will help to inform us as we begin to develop the 2021 appropriations bill."