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Chairman Rogers: President’s Budget is Overdue and Overstuffed

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Washington, April 10, 2013 -

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers commented on the President’s fiscal year 2014 Budget request, which was released today – more than nine weeks past the February 4 deadline. 

“The President’s budget request released today is months overdue and is overstuffed with spending and tax increases that will continue to hinder economic growth. Unfortunately, it is simply an anticlimactic political exercise, containing “par for the course” policies at a time when we need a real, substantial change in how government manages the nation’s finances.

“In order to have a successful long term budget solution, the President must come to the table with more than what he has put forward today. Mandatory, auto-pilot spending on entitlement programs – the driver of our deficits and the root of our spending problem – must be substantially reformed to bring down costs, not just given a passing nod. This, combined with the President’s proposed tax increases, will only perpetuate the nation’s deficits and debt, taking the nation further away from a balanced budget, financial stability, and economic growth."

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