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House Gives FAA Authority to Avoid Controller Furloughs

Washington, April 26, 2013

Today, the House of Representatives passed legislation to allow the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to transfer funds to stop the furloughing of air traffic controllers. These furloughs were the result of automatic budget cuts under the sequestration law, and have caused recent air traffic delays. 

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers, who criticized the FAA this week for not working with Congress or the aviation industry earlier to manage the sequestration cuts and avoid furloughs, voted in favor of the legislation today.

“This bill will allow the Federal Aviation Administration to transfer funding from lower-priority areas to avoid personnel and operational cuts that slow our air traffic and potentially put safety at risk,” Rogers said. “As I’ve said before, sequestration is a dumb way to do business – it cuts the good with the bad, without regard for critical federal programs or the needs of the American people. These furloughs are just the most recent example of why we must have a long-term, comprehensive solution to fix sequestration and provide sustainability and stability to federal budgets,” Rogers continued.

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