February 26, 2020 Statement
"Turning to Fiscal Year 2021, the budget yet again calls for the unnecessary hiring of an additional 2,844 ICE law enforcement officers and proposes an outrageous increase to 60,000 detention beds. The Administration appears to have learned nothing, as Democrats will not fund unnecessary whims of the President or his campaign promises, particularly for an agency that lacks transparency and whose enforcement tactics are out of control. The request again misses the point, by focusing on a political agenda instead of securing our homeland."
February 26, 2020 Statement
"There are some things in the proposed budget that I believe will find strong bipartisan support, such as funding for the Coast Guard’s second Polar Security Cutter. However, there are also proposals you should not expect to see funded in the House bill. Among those are more funding for border barriers and the expansion of detention bed capacity, which I believe are unnecessary, particularly in light of high priority needs such as continuing to hire customs officers to speed the flow of trade and travel at the ports of entry."
February 26, 2020 Statement
"President Trump’s disastrous budget is filled with program cuts opposed by the public and bipartisan majorities in both chambers. It is unfortunate that instead of using the budget to build on the historic investments secured in last year’s appropriations bills, the President doubled down on partisan talking points. To propose investing $2 billion for the wall, or steal it outright from our veterans and servicemembers, while proposing to cut initiatives that improve the well-being of Americans exposes the Trump Administration priorities for what they are – campaign promises over public health."
February 26, 2020 Statement
"Turning to your budget now, Mr. Secretary, despite what you may try to say, this document would hurt millions of Americans. And, you have to ask, who is paying the price. It is not the wealthy and well-off. No, it is the vulnerable who are the victims. It is the working people and middle-class families of this country who would be forced to do less with less."
February 24, 2020 Press Release
"Despite urgent warnings from Congress and the public health community, the Trump administration took weeks to request these emergency funds. It is profoundly disturbing that their answer now is to raid money Congress has designated for other critical public health priorities. Worse still, their overall request still falls short of what is needed for an effective, comprehensive government-wide response."
February 18, 2020 Fact Sheet

February 14, 2020 Fact Sheet

February 13, 2020 Press Release
“President Trump is once again disrespecting the separation of powers and endangering our security by raiding military resources to pay for his wasteful border wall."