Latest Appropriations News

June 15, 2022 Statement
"The investments in this bill are robust, and they are exactly what we need to continue protecting our nation. As threats against our national security and against global democracy grow, this bill will ensure we have the resources necessary to protect ourselves and support our allies while honoring the men and women who so bravely and selflessly serve our nation."
June 15, 2022 Press Release
"“This bill provides balanced investments in the broad and diverse set of missions entrusted to the Department of Homeland Security."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
"The bill helps create a more resilient baby formula market with increased funding for workers at the Food and Drug Administration to inspect baby formula and review new products. The funding will make food safer by strengthening our response to foodborne illness outbreaks."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
“This critical legislation builds on our commitment to our veterans with targeted funding to enhance mental health care, suicide prevention, and substance use disorder programs, advance women’s health and whole health initiatives, and provide homelessness assistance to our veterans most in need."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
"More than a year after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, this bill bolsters investments to further secure the Capitol Complex and support the Capitol Police, including increasing funds to hire more police officers and improve resources to retain and bolster the wellness of the existing force."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
"Building off the support Congress has delivered to counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Defense Appropriations bill honors our soldiers and their families and civilians who support our nation’s military."
June 8, 2022 Press Release
“Beginning with next week’s markups, the Appropriations Committee will build off those transformative investments with bills that continue to help meet the needs of working people, lower costs, and address many of the major challenges we face at home and abroad. I look forward to working with my colleagues—on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers—to get our spending bills once again over the finish line.”
June 8, 2022 Statement
"The request includes funds to begin paying down our unpaid debts for peacekeeping that have accumulated over the last five years and have now reached over a billion dollars – a staggering amount.  This Subcommittee has long recognized the vital role UN peacekeepers play in conflict zones and the benefits we gain from burden-sharing with other countries through UN peacekeeping missions."
June 8, 2022 Statement
"Today’s hearing provides us with a chance to hear more about the great work both Endowments have done over the last couple of years in supporting our communities across the country economically, culturally, and educationally."
May 26, 2022 Statement
"There is still much work that needs to be done—and done quickly—alongside these policies to help preserve the affordability of manufactured homes and communities.  There is a task for local governments here, from managing land use to enforcing safety and sanitation standards, and a challenge to non-profits and community-minded developers as well. But our focus today is on federal policy – policy that despite the breadth and diversity of HUD’s portfolio, has often seen the manufactured housing sector fall through the cracks."