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Chairman Rogers Statement on Budget Agreement

Washington, October 27, 2015

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers today released the following statement regarding the announcement that a two-year budget deal has been reached between House and Senate leadership.

“I am pleased that all sides have come to an agreement – taking the important and courageous steps to find common ground and do what is best for our country. This deal is fiscally responsible, and I commend our leaders for their fruitful work toward this end.

“The Appropriations Committee stands at the ready to implement the details of the deal. Congress alone has the ‘power of the purse,’ and it is our Constitutional duty to responsibly and adequately fund the functions of the federal government. I look forward to getting to work immediately with our counterparts in the Senate to ensure the Appropriations process is complete ahead of the December 11 deadline, so that we can avoid any more delays or ‘shutdown showdowns’ that have caused unnecessary damage to important federal programs – including our national defense.”




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