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Chairman Rogers Commends Passage of Bipartisan Budget Legislation

Washington, October 28, 2015

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers today commended the passage of a bipartisan budget bill that will provide a framework for federal funding legislation for the next two fiscal years.

The budget deal will undo automatic, harmful sequestration budget cuts and implement new caps on discretionary spending for both fiscal year 2016 and 2017. This will provide certainty in the budget process, and allow for negotiations on Appropriations bills – which fund the federal government – to proceed. The bill also includes offsets for this spending, including reforms to some mandatory and entitlement programs.

“I commend the passage of this bipartisan budget legislation today. This bill will allow for certainty in the budget process for the next two years – something that has been greatly lacking in this recent era of government ‘shutdown showdowns.’ With this stability, Congress can make thoughtful, responsible decisions on how to fund federal agencies and programs, and avoid the unnecessary waste and harm that comes from lurching, unpredictable budget cycles.

“In addition, this bill contains real reforms to some mandatory and entitlement programs – the true drivers of our nation’s debt. I applaud the leaders of the House and Senate for taking this courageous and necessary step to reduce our deficit, and hope that this will pave the way for future action.

“My Committee will now begin the hard work of negotiating and crafting an omnibus Appropriations bill that will fund the entirety of the federal government through fiscal year 2016. As always, we will go line by line through agency budgets and make decisions to ensure the best possible use of every taxpayer dollar. I look forward to this essential and important work, and to the completion of the Appropriations process before the December 11 deadline.”




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