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Chairman Rogers Statement on Efforts to Combat Zika

Washington, April 20, 2016

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers tonight made the following statement on efforts to combat the Zika outbreak:

“It is clear that action must be taken to address the Zika outbreak before it expands within our borders and puts our citizens further at risk.

“The Administration continues to delay response efforts by refusing to provide basic budgetary information to Congress on their Zika funding request. This includes not answering our most basic question: ‘What is needed, right now, over the next 5 months in fiscal year 2016, to fight this disease?’

“In the absence of this information, the House Appropriations Committee will work with our colleagues in the House and the Senate to make our own determinations on what is needed and when, and to provide the funding that we believe is necessary and responsible.

“It is our belief that there are activities that must begin immediately. That is why we remain committed to seeking out and using existing funding that has been sitting unspent and unneeded in order to direct these dollars to critical Zika response efforts that are necessary right now. Based on our repeated requests, the Administration has identified $590 million in existing unused Ebola and other funding to address immediate Zika needs.

“We are committed to doing what it takes to stop this devastating disease, both now and as needed in the future.”


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