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Bill to Fund Federal Government Approved

Washington, May 3, 2017

The House today approved the fiscal year 2017 Consolidated Omnibus Appropriations bill, the legislation that will provide discretionary funding for the federal government for the current fiscal year.

The bill includes full Appropriations legislation and funding for the remaining 11 annual Appropriations bills through the end of the fiscal year, September 30, 2017. This level meets the base discretionary spending caps provided by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, and provides additional funding for national defense, border security, and other emergency needs. 

The legislation represents a $25 billion increase in national defense funding over current levels – a major stride forward in restoring the strength and capacity of our armed forces. It also includes a $1.5 billion down payment on additional measures to bolster border security.

In addition, provisions are included for key national priorities such as natural disaster relief, an extension of miners’ health benefits, increases in health research, and opioid addiction treatment and prevention.

Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen made the following statement on the legislation:

“This bill reflects shared values that will help make our nation stronger, safer, and more resilient. It fulfills our constitutional duty to fund important federal services that the American people rely on – and it does this in a responsible way, making the best use of every single taxpayer dollar. In short, it moves our nation forward – in the right direction.

“This bill makes the smart decisions to invest funding where it is needed most – rebuilding our military, securing our borders, and bolstering economic growth. It is the result of hard-fought negotiations and over a year’s worth of diligent and careful work. I’m proud of the House for passing this legislation today, and I look forward to getting on to the next phase – the fiscal year 2018 Appropriations process.”

Bill Highlights –

Funding Levels –The legislation provides a total of $1.163 trillion in base and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) / Global War on Terror (GWOT) funding for the operations of the federal government. Base discretionary funding alone in the bill meets the caps in current law, providing $1.07 trillion.

The bill includes $93.5 billion in total OCO/GWOT funding to provide needed resources and training for our troops in the field, to combat the threat of ISIL and other enemies around the world, to support U.S. allies, and to fund diplomatic and humanitarian missions.

The bill also includes $8.2 billion in emergency and disaster funding for fiscal year 2017 for needs resulting from fires, floods, and other extreme weather events.

Timing – The funding included in the bill will extend to the end of the fiscal year on September 30, 2017.

Policy Items – The legislation includes several policy items to help rein in bureaucratic and regulatory overreach, to protect the rights of Americans, and to encourage economic growth and job creation. For details of these items, please see the summaries below.

Omnibus Summaries For detailed summaries of the 11 Appropriations bills within the Omnibus, including funding levels and policy items, please visit the following:




Energy and Water

Financial Services

Homeland Security

Interior and Environment

Labor/Health and Human Services/Education

Legislative Branch

State/Foreign Operations

Transportation/Housing and Urban Development


For the full text of the bill and accompanying reports, please visit:




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