July 24, 2019 Statement
"While we confront a serious humanitarian crisis at our southern border, a culture of dehumanization festers in the very agency charged with keeping us safe and serving as the face of American values to those seeking refuge."
July 24, 2019 Statement
"Chief Provost, every member of this subcommittee is committed to improving our security at the border, but we must do it in a way that is consistent with our national values including a commitment to those in need. Unfortunately, that is not happening throughout your agency. We need to talk about what appears to be a dangerous subculture at the agency that cannot be tolerated and must be addressed."
July 24, 2019 Statement
"OSTP is the interagency science and technology policy coordinator across the Federal Government and has a vital role in advising the President with sound scientific and technological advice. That is a tough job under this Administration. Since January 2017, there has been a consistent effort to undermine the Federal agencies that make the United States the world leader in science and technology. In addition, there seem to have been clear attempts to bury the unbiased research and conclusions of the the scientists who work for the Federal Government."
July 24, 2019 Statement
"Ensuring that children receive the proper care includes meeting physical needs like clothing, bathing, nutrition, health screenings, and education. It also means that we treat vulnerable children and families fleeing war and violence with decency, dignity, and respect. Upholding these responsibilities is a tall order, especially with the Trump Administration."
July 24, 2019 Statement
"The mission of the Office of Refugee Resettlement is to provide care and the expeditious placement for children with sponsors. That is what we are trying to do. That is our job. And, that is the agency’s job. Yet, HHS is clearly not on the same page. They have so obfuscated the goal of this agency, they have lost sight of their goal and mission."
July 22, 2019 Press Release
“House Democrats have insisted on raising unworkable budget caps to ensure that Congress can responsibly fund our government and uphold our commitment to America’s families. That’s what this agreement does."
July 15, 2019 Press Release
The House Appropriations and Energy and Commerce Committees today pushed back against proposed changes by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to its Reactor Oversight Process (ROP), the program that monitors and manages the performance and safety measures governing nuclear power plants.
July 11, 2019 Statement
"The oversight of programs and operations to ensure accountability and effectiveness of taxpayer dollars must be a paramount focus of all government agencies, and I am glad you are here today to provide your assessment of where improvements need to be made at the Department of State and USAID."
July 9, 2019 Statement
"The United States has some of the best technology and marketing minds in the world. However, Russian disinformation campaigns only seem to be growing stronger. We must adapt and innovate to effectively deliver programming and inform audiences."
June 27, 2019 Press Release
The House today passed a $4.6 billion emergency supplemental to provide humanitarian relief to migrant children and families at the southern border.