February 18, 2020 Fact Sheet

February 14, 2020 Fact Sheet

February 13, 2020 Press Release
“President Trump is once again disrespecting the separation of powers and endangering our security by raiding military resources to pay for his wasteful border wall."
February 13, 2020 Fact Sheet

February 12, 2020 Fact Sheet

February 12, 2020 Statement
"CBO has become so much a part of this institution that we may take it for granted. But we should remember what a key role CBO plays in helping Congress effectively exercise the “power of the purse” assigned to us by the Constitution."
February 12, 2020 Statement
"We know the past year has been a monster year for your Office as you’ve had to meet all the deadlines of implementing the changes to the Congressional Account Act in 6 months. Kudos to you and your staff who clocked so many hours to meet the deadlines. I know the reforms are in the early stages of implementation, but we will be very interested in your thoughts about how it is going."
February 12, 2020 Statement
"While USDA’s Economic Research Service forecasted a rise in net farm income in 2019, due in most part to direct government payments, there are alarming trends in the agricultural sector that must be examined and addressed. Last year, according to USDA, farm debt reached record levels at $416 billion. Farm bankruptcies are at their highest levels since 2011. These trends appear to raise significant warning signs for the year ahead and I would like to hear from our witnesses on their outlook for 2020."
February 12, 2020 Statement
"I welcome today’s distinguished elected tribal leaders and non-elected tribal leaders, all of whom play an important role in educating others on Native issues and challenges. The issues we’ll be hearing about this morning are part of the treaty and trust obligation that the United States owes to Native Americans."
February 11, 2020 Statement
"The Capitol Police is an essential agency of the Legislative Branch. Chief, your team, is charged with keeping Congress - it’s Members, employees, visitors, and facilities both here and within our districts safe and protected from harm’s way. The men and women of the Capitol Police put their lives on the line each day to ensure Congress can operate efficiently."