Appropriations Committee Approves Fiscal Year 2022 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Funding Bill

July 16, 2021
Press Release
Legislation creates good-paying jobs, invests in clean energy, and rebuilds water infrastructure

The House Appropriations Committee today approved the fiscal year 2022 Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies funding bill on a 33-24 vote.

For 2022, the bill provides $53.226 billion, an increase of $1.474 billion above 2021. The legislation:

  • Creates tens of thousands of good-paying jobs with a focus on deploying clean energy technologies and the green jobs of tomorrow in communities across the country
  • Confronts the climate crisis with more than $14 billion of transformative investments in clean energy and science, which will help develop clean, affordable, and secure American energy
  • Rebuilds our nation’s water infrastructure, critical to protecting communities from more frequent and severe storms and addressing the worsening drought

“I’m pleased that the legislation we are unveiling today makes good on our promise to the American people to Build Back Better,” Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH-09) said. “It helps sustain life on earth and address our nation’s most pressing challenges. This bill not only meets the needs of the current moment but provides a foundation for addressing the many challenges we face at the dawn of this new era in energy and water. The legislation makes critical investments in combating the climate crisis by funding clean energy innovation, rebuilding our nation’s water infrastructure, and tackling the drought crisis in the West. I am proud to support the Biden administration’s agenda to urgently address the climate crisis while reinvesting in areas and workers too often left behind. This bill will put Americans to work while keeping our nation at the forefront of global energy innovation, accelerate improvements to water infrastructure, responsibly fund our nuclear deterrent, and ensure that low-income households across the country have energy-efficient and more livable homes.”

“As our nation builds back from the coronavirus pandemic, we must turn challenge into opportunity by transitioning to a clean energy economy that creates tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, directly confronts the climate crisis, and addresses the worsening drought in the West, ” Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) said. “By deploying clean energy technologies, investing in cutting edge research, and strengthening our nation’s water infrastructure, this legislation will set us on the course for a clean, affordable, and secure energy future.”   

The following amendment to the bill was adopted by the full Committee:

Rep. KapturThe manager’s amendment makes technical and noncontroversial changes to the bill and report. The amendment was adopted by voice vote.

A summary of the bill is here. The text of the bill, before the adoption of amendments in full Committee, is here. The bill report, before the adoption of amendments in full Committee, is here. In keeping with the Appropriations Committee’s commitment to transparency, information on Community Project Funding in the bill is here.

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