Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee- Public and Member Witness List - 2010

October 4, 2010
Press Release
Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee- Public and Member Witness List - 2010

Committee on Appropriations

Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies

Schedule of Witnesses

Public Witness Hearing

April 14, 2010

9:30 am – 11:30 am

Acker, Bill

Director of Broadcasting and Technology, WestVirginia Public Broadcasting on behalf of APTS


Alexander, Nick

Federal Legislative Director    Fight Crime: Invest in Kids


Anthes, Richard

President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research


Arnold, Douglas President, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 500
Bean, David Puyallup Tribe of Washington 48
Bedford, David U.S. Commissioner, Pacific Salmon Commission 278,473
Benoit, Jeff President and CEO, Restore America's Estuaries 493
Blakey, Marion President and CEO, Aerospace Industries Association 96
Brandel, A.F Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation 417
Brown, W.Y President, Natural Science Collections Alliance 458
Bye, Dr. Raymond, Jr Director of Federal Relations, The Florida State University 405
Capps, Thomas President, Capps Shoe Company 256
Carr, J. P Senior Public Policy Associate, American Institute of Biological Sciences 362
Carr, J.R Executive Director, National Bar Association 439
Carter, Jena Nature Conservancy 459
Chandler, Bill Vice President for Governmental Affairs, Marine Conservation Biology Institute 270
Chatwin, Anthony National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 285
Clarke, Hon. Yvette Representative in Congress from the State of New York 108
Cobb, S. B Chief Justice, State of Alabama 114
Cole, Lorraine Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA USA 167
Coochise, Elbridge Chief Justice, Retured Independent Tribal Courts Review Team 38
Crockett, L.R Director, Federal Fisheries Policy, Pew Environmental Group 477
Davis, William American Anthropological Association 314
de Poutiloff, M. B Fisherwoman F/V Blue Ocean, F/V Patience Too 482
Derene, Steve Executive Director National Association of VOCA Assitance Administrators 436
Ehlers, Hon. Vern Representative in Congress 236
Farr, Hon. Sam Representative in Congress 60
Fletcher, Kristen Executive Director, Coastal States Organization 385
Frank, Billy, Jr Chairman, The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission 20
Fremstad, Shawn Director of the Inclusive and Sustainable Economy Initiative 380
Gautam, Mridul Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineerings, Interim ASsociate VP for Research and Economic Development West Virginia University 14
Goldberg, Dr. M.E President, Society for Neuroscience 503
Gordon, Hon. Bart Representative in Congress from the State of Tennessee 65
Gropp, Robert Director of Public Policy, American Institute of Biological Sciences 362
Harkins, A.M President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council 144
Harvell, Samantha Senior Director, Early Childhood and Juvenile Justice Policy, First Focus Campaign for Children, National Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Coalition   79
Heller, Hon. Dean Representative in Congress from the State of Nevada 28
Hensel, Nancy Executive Officer, Council on Undergraduate Research 394
Hoogstraten, Bruce Executive Director, NASA Aeronautics Support Team   102
Houston, Aaron Director of Government Relations, Marijuana Policy Project 123
Huchra, John Professor of Cosmology, Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 355
Jackson, M.C., Ill President and CEO, NFCB 449
Jackson, Tina President, American Alliance of Fishermen and their Communities 241
Jones, Hon. W. B Representative in Congress for the State of North Carolina 351
Keel, Jefferson Lieutenant Governor, Chickasaw Nation: President: National Congress of American Indians 54
Kepferle, Gregory CEO, Catholic CHarities of Santa Clara County 179
Kirby, Kate Executive Officer, American Physical Society 224
Kucinich, Hon. D. J Representative in Congress for the State of Ohio 353
Lee, Anne President and CEO, Darkness to Light 399
Leopold, Bruce President, The Wildlife Society


Love, M.E Owner, Love Fisheries 249
Lowell, Beth Federal Policy Director of Oceana 464
Lynch, G. P CEO RISS Program 86, 488
Mackenzie, S. A American Society of Plant Biologists 210
Mandel, David CEO, Ohel Children's Home and Family Services 469
Martin, Gabrielle National president, National Council of EEOC Locals 130
Mathis, K.J President & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America 292
Matyas, Jaime Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, National Wildlife Federation 195
McCandless, Bruce, II Captain, Independent Aerospace Consultant 427
McCarthy, Hon. Carolyn A Representative in Congress from the State of New York 33
McClure, Thomas Executive Secretary, Education Association of University Centers Director, Millennial Initiative at Western Carlina University 402
Menashes, M.E Executive Director, National Estuarine Research Reserve Association 444
Millward, Susan Animal Welfare Institute 152
Morrison, Robert Executive Director, National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors, Inc. 432
Murphy, Charles Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 508
Olson, Hon. Pete Representative in Congress from the State of Texas 73
Osthus, Rebecca Science POlicy Analyst, The American Physiological Society 368
Peters, Kelly Deputy Executive Director, SEARCH 172
Petsko, G. A President, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 203
Pietrafesa, Leonard Co-Chair APLU Board on Oceans and Atmosphere 263
Pines, Z. A Court Administrator, Administrative Office of Pennyslvania Courts 299
Poor, Rachel Science Policy Officer, American Society of Agronomy 319
Riksen, Michael Vice President, Policy & Representation, NPR 453
Rock, Anthony CEO, Association of Science-Technology Centers 342
Saloom, Stephen Director of Policy, Innocence Prject 412
Sandy, Mary Chairman of the National Space Grant Alliance and Director, Virginia Space Grant Consortium 187
Schiffries, C.M Director of Geoscience Policy, Geological Society of America 307
Silver, Howard Executive Director, Consortium of Social Science Associations 334
Slippen, Dan Director, Intergovernmental Relations, American Museum of Natural History 365
Sloan, Virginia President, The Constitution Project 389

Smith, Scott

 Prosecuting Attorney: Ohio County, WV


Smith, Tom

 Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel of the American Society of CIvil Engineers


Stedman, B. J

Executive Director, Marine Fish Conservation Network  


Taber, R. B

President, Trawlworks, Inc.  


Talman, Dr. W. T

President Elect, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology  


Velasquez, Tracy

 Executive Director, Justice Policy Institute


Walker, Captain David

Captain, Walker Fishing Fleet, Inc.


Williams, B. D

 President, Safer Foundation


Zorn, J.E

 Executive Administrator, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission



111th Congress