DeLauro, Roybal-Allard Statement on Trump’s Border Visit

January 12, 2021
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) and Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA-40) released the following statement on President Donald Trump’s visit to border barrier construction in Alamo, Texas:

“For the past four years, Donald Trump has poisoned our public life by fanning the flames of division. Just as last week’s coup attempt represents the inevitable conclusion of his actions as President, the border barrier he visits today is the physical manifestation of the hostility he has fostered.

“President Trump’s immigration policies have disgraced our nation. From discriminatory immigration bans to the viciousness of the family separation policy and the squalid camps filled with asylum seekers turned away by the Remain in Mexico program, this administration has abandoned our core values as Americans in pursuit of racist cruelty for political gain.

“The border wall that President Trump celebrates today is perhaps the most visible example of this callous approach. An egregious diversion of taxpayer money built around a pack of lies and intended mostly as a symbol of hate, the border wall represents everything that is wrong with the Trump administration.

“This week, Congress is taking the extraordinary, but sadly necessary, step of removing President Trump from office. As we turn the page on this administration, we begin to repair the damage done over the past four years. Instead of building walls, we will invest in a humane immigration policy that protects our borders and respects the rights and dignity of all people.”


117th Congress