DeLauro Statement on Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan

January 14, 2021
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) released the following statement on President-elect Biden’s emergency coronavirus relief proposal, the American Rescue Plan:

“The Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan is one of the boldest economic relief packages the country has ever seen. It measures up to the current economic and health crisis. It meets the moment by crushing the virus, delivering financial relief to working families, and supporting our communities.

“Critically, this plan provides strong investments in vaccine production and distribution which are long overdue. Funding for schools will help get students back in the classroom while keeping them and their teachers safe. Support for state, local and tribal governments will ensure that our heroes on the front lines can stay on the job and paid.

“The plan also directly addresses hardship with expanded nutrition programs, including a 15 percent increase in SNAP benefits and $3 billion for WIC, as well as more housing assistance. Health and human services, such as behavioral health programs, will be expanded to meet rising need. And, while additional funding will be needed, the child care provisions will make it easier for parents manage the extra burdens the pandemic has placed on them.

“I am personally moved by the inclusion of two of my highest legislative priorities. The increased and expanded fully refundable Child Tax Credit will cut child poverty nearly in half and provide much-needed support to middle class families. Robust family and medical paid leave that would close loopholes in current law and expand coverage and eligibility to tens of millions, which is critical to workers and their families, our public health, and our nation’s recovery. Nothing can do more to help ease the burden on American families than these critical measures for which I have fought so long.

“With the American Rescue Plan, President-elect Biden has laid out a clear path forward to lift our country out of the pandemic. As Chair of the Appropriations Committee, I look forward to quickly turning this framework into law.”


117th Congress