DeLauro Statement on the Bipartisan COVID-19 Supplemental Agreement

April 4, 2022
Press Release

WASHINGTON —House Committee on Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) released the following statement on the bipartisan agreement reached in the Senate to provide additional funding to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

“We have made great progress in defeating the coronavirus pandemic, but additional resources are needed to prepare for future surges and end the spread of COVID-19 once and for all. I am glad the Senate has reached a bipartisan agreement to provide $10 billion in desperately needed funding for vaccines, therapeutics, testing, and treatments, but I am deeply disappointed that it does not provide funding to support global vaccination efforts—both from a humanitarian perspective and our own self-interest. Viruses do not stop at borders on a map. No amount of domestic preparedness can possibly contend with a continuing onslaught of new variants, and the United States must take a leadership role.

“That the Republicans are demanding an offset for this emergency funding is disconnected from the reality that the pandemic still looms. While I support these additional domestic resources, I will continue working with my colleagues to provide additional emergency funding to finally end the spread of COVID-19 and help our communities move forward.”





117th Congress