DeLauro Statement on Trump Rescissions Package

January 14, 2021
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) released the following statement on President Trump’s submission of a special message containing proposed rescissions of appropriated spending:

“President Trump’s proposed rescissions attack a broad swath of critical programs that help make life better for Americans and sustain our leadership around the world.

“As we face a punishing economic crisis, these egregious cuts target critical job training lifelines and Community Development Financial Institutions – which are essential to providing PPP loans to underserved communities. With the threat of climate change rising, this package shamefully targets energy research programs and environmental protection initiatives. And it singles out and attacks renewable energy investments.

“After four years of the Trump Administration diminishing the United States’ place in the world, these rescissions would further eviscerate our global leadership role. The proposal abandons our commitment to fighting world hunger by eliminating funding for McGovern-Dole and rescinding the majority of funding for Food for Peace grants. I am particularly disturbed by the $4 billion cut to emergency vaccine programs that are essential to defeating the coronavirus pandemic around the world. Can you think of anything more immoral?

“Most of all, I am outraged that the Trump Administration is targeting firearm injury prevention research. This research is more necessary than ever because of our ongoing gun violence epidemic.

“To defeat a global pandemic and Build Back Better, we must make forward-looking investments that will crush the virus and set us on a course for a strong and equitable recovery. These rescissions do the opposite and, as House Democrats made clear last month, we will not entertain them.”


117th Congress