Lowey Appreciation Remarks on House Floor

December 20, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON — House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey (D-NY) delivered the following remarks on the House Floor in appreciation of 32 years of congressional service:

Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleagues for supporting this stopgap measure to avoid a government shutdown as we finish our critical work to fund government and respond to the COVID pandemic.

As my time in Congress nears a close, I must briefly reflect on my 32 years of service, which has been guided by a basic principle — when you see a problem, do something about it.

In times of crisis like we face today and after September 11th and Superstorm Sandy, delivering relief has been my sacred duty.

I will be forever grateful to colleagues, advocates, and excellent staff who helped me secure critical federal funds directly for my district; indelibly shape women’s health policy; enact life-saving food allergy labeling and the .08 BAC drunk driving standard; and too many other achievements to fully recount now.

Limited debate time leaves me unable to acknowledge by name all of my exceptional staff. But I must thank my Chief of Staff for the last 16 years, Elizabeth Stanley, and my unequaled District Director, Pat Keegan, who for more than 26 years has led my outstanding district staff in solving thousands of cases for constituents who needed help.

Our successes are often overlooked amid partisan rancor and the notion that institutions of governance are irrevocably broken.

I do not believe they are.

To my colleagues, from both sides of the aisle, across the country and the political spectrum: our work together is a testament to the enduring values of public service and of a collective commitment to better the world.  You inspired me to be a better legislator, and I am grateful.

While I leave Congress as the first Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, the title I still cherish most is United States Representative from New York. To those I have represented: thank you for your trust and confidence.

And, to my family – my wonderful husband Steve; my children and their spouses, Dana and David, Doug and Ellen, and Jackie and David; and my grandchildren, Jillian, Daniel, Ilan, Jesse, Jonah, Rebecca, Jonathan, and Solene: your endless support has made my career possible, and I hope you’re ready for a lot more of me.

With gratitude for having had the honor and privilege to serve, I yield back my time.


116th Congress