Lowey statement on Fourth GOP Continuing Resolution

January 18, 2018
Press Release

“Since President Trump’s draconian budget was released, Democrats have warned Republicans that a bipartisan budget agreement was needed to adequately invest in American families and communities. Without a budget agreement, programs as diverse as Head Start, job training, and terrorism prevention grants are in danger of inadequate funding at best.  Yet, Republican leadership and the White House have no appropriations strategy other than endless Continuing Resolutions. Mr. Speaker, the most powerful country in the world, now being completely run by a Republican government, can’t keep the lights on longer than 4 weeks at a time.  How did we get here?

“If this bill passes, is there any reason to believe we will not be back in the same place next month?

“Stumbling from one crisis to another is an irresponsible way to govern. Attempting to avoid a shutdown every month denies federal agencies budget certainty and wastes taxpayer dollars.

“Several of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have lamented the damage that CRs inflict on our military. I agree with them. Yet time after time, they vote for the exact same strategy they bemoan. I encourage them to take action and hasten agreements on immigration and spending caps that would lead to responsible funding bills that keep Americans safe.

“It is also unconscionable that instead of helping advance a solution to this impasse, the President personally reneged on his word and rejected a bipartisan compromise on immigration. Protection of American teens and young adults from impending deportation to a country they don't know is the key to unlocking a responsible, bipartisan spending agreement. How can we expect to ever fund the government responsibly when the President can't be trusted to keep his word?


“The majority has failed to address a number of high priority items like funding to combat the opioid epidemic, pension protections, and funding for community health centers. The CR lacks an important anomaly requested by the Administration to provide additional disaster loans for the Small Business Administration, while the disaster supplemental is stalled in the Senate. Without this language, SBA will run out of funds by the end of January and will be unable to continue approving loan applications from Puerto Rico.


“This is not how the Appropriations process is supposed to work. It is time to protect young Americans, lift budget caps, and allow Chairman Frelinghuysen and all of our committee members to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


“Instead of wasting dollars and time on further CRs, we should instead immediately pass a budget agreement and help Dreamers, which would facilitate full year funding bills the committee could begin writing today.”


115th Congress