Norm Dicks' Statement on Proposed Cuts

February 9, 2011
Press Release
Norm Dicks' Statement on Proposed Cuts

Washington, DC- Ranking Member, Norm Dicks gave the following statement in response to the list of cuts released by the Republican Majority:

“Today the GOP majority put out a list of planned cuts based on a budget that was never enacted into law, leaving the public to do the math and guesswork of their impact. For the Democrats on the Appropriations Committee, our concerns remain the same: what does this mean for the average American? Are we still putting job-growth as our number one priority? Are we still going to out-educate, out-innovate and out-build our competitors internationally?  We have expressed our strong commitment to tackling our unsustainable national debt and we will work with our Republican colleagues to tackle waste, fraud and abuse across the federal budget. However, we must not embrace a 1-dimensional plan that makes for a good press release at the expense of vital investments in the long-term health of the nation.”


112th Congress