Summary of Homeland Security Continuing Resolution in 2015 Omnibus Appropriations Act

December 9, 2014
Press Release

The agreement includes a Continuing Resolution until February 27th for agencies within the Homeland Security Subcommittee.  The agreement maintains the Fiscal Year 2014 spend rate of $39.270 billion.


Additional provisions in the current CR and carried forward under the new CR:

  1. Extends the authorization for the Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards (CFATS) program;
  2. Extends the authority for the Science & Technology Directorate to enter into Other Transaction Agreements (OTA);
  3. Provides authority for ICE and CBP to obligate funding at rates necessary to sustain staffing, border security and immigration enforcement operations, and Air and Marine operations, and requires compliance with the 34,000 detention bed mandate.


Additional provisions included under the new CR:

  1. Provides authority for USSS to obligate funding at a rate necessary for Presidential candidate nominee protection (hiring and training agents);
  2. Directs DHS to continue preparations to award a construction contract for the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility by May1, 2015.


113th Congress