Chair DeLauro Floor Remarks on Legislative Branch Bill

2021-07-28 16:04

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) today delivered the following remarks on the House Floor in support of H.R. 4346, the Legislative Branch appropriations bill:

I want to thank both the Chair and the Ranking Member for their work on this bill.

Madam Speaker, as the oldest modern democracy in the world, the United States exemplifies the success and long-term sustainability of democratic governance, of the Great American Experiment. If we fail in this experiment then we fail to honor our sacred duty not only to our own citizens, but to America as an ideal.

The events of January 6 threatened that ideal. The brutal, violent assault on our Capitol was an attack on the cradle of our democracy and against liberty. It was a determined and violent insurrection aimed at stopping the peaceful transfer of power, something the United States has exemplified in its history. It was an attack not just against this building, but on America’s example to the world. 

This bill also honors the sacrifices of the brave women and men in uniform who risked their lives defending this institution, shockingly on display at the first hearing of the January 6 Select Committee. It gives these heroes the funding, the resources, and the training they need to ensure what happened on January 6 never happens again, and it also says, we respect what you do.

It includes measures to provide more transparency, diversity, and leadership training for Capitol Police, to standardize vetting, and routinely review staff for employment suitability, to provide for the wellness and well-being of our Capitol Police.

While securing the Capitol must be our top priority, we must also ensure the institution within these walls remains strong. I am proud that this bill provides increased funding for the Member’s Representational Allowance (MRAs), standing and select committees, and leadership offices to help retain and recruit a talented and a diverse workforce. And, to grow opportunity and create a diverse hiring pipeline, it expands paid internship opportunities while providing the authorization for Dreamers to work in Congressional offices.

Together, the initiatives in this bill will not only protect the Congress and our democracy – they also strengthen and sustain it.

I urge support for the bill and yield back the balance of my time.

117th Congress