Chairman Ryan Statement at Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Request for the Government Publishing Office

2022-04-27 11:38

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), Chair of the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, delivered the following remarks at the Subcommittee's hearing on the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Request for the Government Publishing Office:

I would like to welcome the director of the Government Publishing Office, Mr. Hugh Halpern to present the fiscal year 2023 budget request. Thank you for joining us today, we welcome you back to our Subcommittee. 

This has been a tough couple of years for all Agencies, I would like to acknowledge the staff of GPO for the extraordinary work they continue to do despite life’s challenges. Congratulations to GPO on being recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Best Midsize Employers in America. This is a testament to the hard-working individuals that continue to support this body and ensure that not only this body, but all federal agencies are able to produce government documents for their customers.

The GPO fiscal year budget request is $130.9 million an increase of $6.6 million or 5.4% over what was provided in fiscal year 2022.  I read in your request that this is only the 2nd time in more than a decade that GPO has requested an overall increase. I look forward to your testimony today and hope it will shed some light on GPO’s fiscal year 2023 investments, its strategic plan, and how these investment and plans will benefit Congress and the American people.

117th Congress