Chairman Ryan Statement at Fiscal Year 2023 Member Day Hearing

2022-05-18 14:09

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), Chair of the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, delivered the following remarks at the Subcommittee's Fiscal Year 2023 Member Day Hearing.

I am pleased to welcome each of you to the Legislative Branch Member Day hearing. It’s very important that the Subcommittee hear the concerns of our fellow legislators and members of the public before we begin to work on marking up our fiscal year 2023 subcommittee bill.  

We hope you are pleased with the progress we were able to make last year on issues raised in the past concerning staff retention, salaries, interns and Capitol complex security initiatives.  

We realize that we have more work to do.  We look forward to hearing your suggestions and will do our best to incorporate them into the bill, provided allocations will allow us to do so. 

I am pleased to welcome both the Chair and Ranking Member of the Select Committee on Modernization, Mr. Kilmer (a fellow Appropriator) and Mr. Timmons, as our first two witnesses today. Your work to modernize Congress is appreciated and through our efforts together, Congress can continue working to become more transparent and efficient. Mr. Levin, I also look forward to hearing from you today. 

Without objection, your full statements will be entered in the record.  

117th Congress