Chairman Ryan Statement at Legislative Branch Member Day

2020-03-04 13:00

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), Chair of the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, delivered the following remarks at the Subcommittee's Member Day:

I’d like to call this hearing to order.  This is always an important day for us.  If this subcommittee is the “landlord” of the Congress, it’s necessary for us to hear from our “tenants” about shortfalls in services that they see and hear their suggestions about how the institution could be more effective in serving our constituents.

 I anticipate that we will hear lots of meritorious ideas today.  I will just issue what is becoming my standard warning -- the domestic budget caps are almost flat this year, and any room has already been eaten up by veterans advance funding. We will certainly do what we can, but it’s going to be a tough year.

I’m pleased to recognize two fellow appropriators as our first witnesses for Member day – Derek Kilmer and Tom Graves.  They’ve been putting their heart and soul into the work of the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. Gentlemen, we’ll be pleased to hear your oral remarks, and we’ll put your full statements into the record.

116th Congress