DeLauro Floor Remarks on Protecting Our Democracy Act

2021-12-09 12:47

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) today delivered the following remarks on the House Floor in support of H.R.5314, the Protecting Our Democracy Act:

Madam Speaker, I thank the gentlewoman for yielding and for her leadership, alongside Chairman Schiff, on this very important legislation.

Madam Speaker, the previous administration played fast and loose with the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars. And, just as seriously, it exposed dangerous faults in our democratic institutions that – if left unaddressed – will erode the American people’s trust in our democracy. 

That is why I am proud to be a co-sponsor of the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which restrains presidents from abusing the public trust.

Of particular importance to me as Chair of the Appropriations Committee, this bill will ensure that every president, regardless of party, will be subject to the Congress’s Constitutional power of the purse.

It will strengthen congressional control and review over funding to ensure that Federal dollars are being used as directed by the Congress.

It will require the Office of Management and Budget to publish how it apportions the appropriations provided by the Congress to executive agencies.

Finally, the Protecting Our Democracy Act will increase reporting to Congress on the Executive Branch’s compliance with the Impoundment Control Act and the Antideficiency Act—two bedrock laws that were enacted to protect Congress’s appropriations power.

The American people deserve a voice in how their money is spent. Through their duly elected representatives in the Congress, the Protecting Our Democracy Act gives the American people that voice.

I strongly urge support for this important piece of legislation, and I yield back the balance of my time.

117th Congress