Rogers Statement on Fiscal Year 2012 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Appropriations Act

Jun 6, 2011

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers made the following statement at today's Subcommittee mark up of the Fiscal Year 2012 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Appropriations Act:

“I would like to thank the Chairman, Mr. Culberson, for his remarks. I’m very pleased to be in attendance at the first subcommittee markup of the fiscal year 2012 appropriations cycle.

“I share the relief of all of you that we’ve finally made it to consideration of fiscal year 2012 bills, after the long, painful process to finish 2011. And what a great bill to begin with. The Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill provides great support to our servicemembers and their families, as well as our veterans.

“I would also like to thank the Ranking Member, Mr. Bishop, for his work on the subcommittee and for his efforts to get us here today.

“The bill before us today adequately and conscientiously funds the most pressing needs of our nation’s servicemen and women and veterans, while also responding to the need to rein in federal spending as the country faces historic deficits.

"The Subcommittee clearly went line-by-line through the projects in this bill, taking the difficult but responsible steps to trim excess spending wherever possible and rescind unobligated balances. The bill also requires strong oversight over spending to ensure that the American people, our troops, and our veterans are getting the greatest value from each and every precious tax dollar.

“The bill fully funds the construction of Department of Defense hospitals and clinics, schools, and family housing, providing our military personnel with the resources to effectively advance US missions abroad and the support they need here at home.

“The bill also protects the health and well-being of our veterans by preserving medical care appropriations and providing mandatory funding for disability and education benefits. It also protects advance appropriations to guarantee our veterans are getting the benefits they so deeply deserve.

“The cuts made within this bill were difficult to make, to be sure, but it’s quite an achievement for the Chairman to be able to reduce this bill below the 2011 levels while funding the critical quality of life programs for our troops, their families and our veterans.

“I urge the subcommittee to promptly report this bill to the full Committee.”