Statement : Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

March 24, 2021 Statement
"In 2019, the number of loans as well as the dollar volume of those loans going to these three groups increased. While this is a hopeful sign, we know that beginning farm households have less wealth and have more debt relative to their assets than established farms. Ensuring our beginning and small farmers have access to resources is vital to the strength and future of the farm and rural economies."
March 9, 2021 Statement
"Today we are taking a closer look at how FDA’s inspections have been impacted by this pandemic, and critically how we can ensure the FDA has the resources it needs to restart and improve its foreign drug inspections program."
March 9, 2021 Statement
"The highest priority of the FDA is to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical products. The countless Americans who depend on lifesaving drugs each day shouldn’t have to worry about whether that drug was produced in a dangerous facility."
February 25, 2021 Statement
"Today, I would like to hear more about your plans to conduct adequate oversight of USDA programs and the challenges you face in ensuring agreed-upon recommendations are implemented and complaints are appropriately addressed."