Statement : Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

May 18, 2021 Statement
"Today’s hearing represents a great opportunity to listen to a diverse group of Members from across the country share their views on a wide range of issues related to our bill."
May 12, 2021 Statement
"The problems we face: Ensuring enough food for a growing population; Addressing the existential threat of global climate change; and, Transforming our food system from being reliant on exploitive and extractive practices to being regenerative and restorative – these all have a common denominator: scientific breakthroughs hold the solution."
May 12, 2021 Statement
"The science-based solutions, groundbreaking research, and useful data you provide are invaluable for farmers to accelerate productivity and sustainability of crops, for ranchers to efficiently manage livestock, and for consumers to make informed choices about these products that are so essential to our daily lives."
May 6, 2021 Statement
"There are too many rural communities experiencing struggling economies, deteriorating and limited access to health care, and inadequate infrastructure. These obstacles hinder growth and, unfortunately, are not broadly understood across the country."
April 20, 2021 Statement
"COVID-19 and the resulting economic fallout disrupted life for everyone. For tens of millions it greatly exacerbated hunger and food insecurity. In many cases, programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) were the difference between having food or skipping a meal. For some, it was their first time needing assistance of this kind. To me, it underscores the absolute necessity of continuing to invest in and improve these programs."
April 14, 2021 Statement
"I look forward to hearing more about your plans to fight hunger and strengthen nutrition security. These must be our priority, and I agree with your previous statements – we should fund our priorities. I believe there are areas to act within the discretionary budget as well as the forthcoming mandatory request, but I also want to underscore the urgency of a comprehensive and coordinated response especially as Congress considers a future recovery package focused on rebuilding our nation’s physical and social infrastructure."
April 14, 2021 Statement
"The pandemic and climate change present new major challenges, while obstacles related to access to nutritious food, a stable farm economy, racial justice and developing communities in rural America persist. Addressing these issues while continuing to effectively deliver the services of the Department is certainly going to require a lot of hard work and our best efforts."
March 24, 2021 Statement
"In 2019, the number of loans as well as the dollar volume of those loans going to these three groups increased. While this is a hopeful sign, we know that beginning farm households have less wealth and have more debt relative to their assets than established farms. Ensuring our beginning and small farmers have access to resources is vital to the strength and future of the farm and rural economies."
March 9, 2021 Statement
"Today we are taking a closer look at how FDA’s inspections have been impacted by this pandemic, and critically how we can ensure the FDA has the resources it needs to restart and improve its foreign drug inspections program."
March 9, 2021 Statement
"The highest priority of the FDA is to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical products. The countless Americans who depend on lifesaving drugs each day shouldn’t have to worry about whether that drug was produced in a dangerous facility."