Statement : Defense

March 23, 2021 Statement
"In the last ten years, Democratic and Republican administrations and Congresses used OCO as a budget gimmick to circumvent BCA caps. It is time we correct those past mistakes, and I would to remind my colleagues that our FY 2021 House report stated, “The OCO experiment has been an abject failure and has given the Department a budgetary relief valve that has allowed it to avoid making difficult decisions.”
March 17, 2021 Statement
"As the largest federal consumer of energy, the Department of Defense has a responsibility to play a leading role in making its systems more efficient and curb emissions in order to reduce catastrophic events."
March 2, 2021 Statement
"Each of the Service Academies house some of the best and brightest of our young generation. Many of these women and men will hold leadership positions in their respective Services for the next thirty years. Given this fact, it is imperative that they are well educated, not only on executing the military missions of the future but also are grounded in the ideals on which this nation has been built and the oath that they take to serve."
February 24, 2021 Statement
"We will not only look at the direction the Pentagon may take us in the next five years, known as the Future Years Defense Program, but we also stand to benefit by thinking where we want to be ten or twenty years from now. That way when we write the 2022 Defense Appropriations Act, we do so with medium and long-term goals in mind. This is a new era for our committee."