Statement : Defense

May 27, 2021 Statement
"President Biden’s fiscal year 2022 discretionary request of $715 billion represents an $11 billion increase for the Department of Defense (DoD). Many of the funds in the request are essential to protecting our national security today and modernizing the DoD for tomorrow."
May 27, 2021 Statement
"Unlike other committees, the job of Appropriators is to see the full picture. As much attention as the top line for defense receives, we cannot consider the defense number in a vacuum. Investments in diplomacy, development, and our economy are vital to our security interests."
May 26, 2021 Statement
"The impacts of environmental contamination in our communities - whether it be from hazardous chemicals or military munitions - are not partisan issues. This is about the lives, the health and the safety of our servicemembers, their families, and our constituents who live in and around military installations."
May 25, 2021 Statement
"While much has changed since last March due to COVID-19, there are still many pressing issues impacting the military health system as it undergoes its most significant changes in decades – reforms that began prior to the pandemic, which now we hope are reviewed in light of the pandemic."
May 7, 2021 Statement
"The Air Force today stands at a pivotal point in its history. General Brown has characterized the Air Force’s situation as “accelerate change or lose”. In other words, the Air Force must modernize, and do so quickly. This will require trade-offs and hard decisions."
May 5, 2021 Statement
"Now, more than ever, we need to ensure that the health and welfare of our soldiers and their families is truly the number one priority."
May 4, 2021 Statement
"Our National Guard forces are called upon to support a variety of missions, including humanitarian missions, acts of civil unrest, support to the Southwest border, overseas operations, and of course, the latest support for Capitol security, for which each member of this Committee is eternally grateful for your tireless efforts."
April 29, 2021 Statement
 “We understand this is a challenging time for the Navy and Marine Corps and we want to work in coordination with you to ensure you are receiving the required resources to maintain readiness, support personnel, and modernize for the future fight."
April 21, 2021 Statement
"We must remain engaged, and to work with our allies and partners on common interests."
April 21, 2021 Statement
"To meet these growing challenges, the United States on a whole of government level must be more engaged in Africa, not less. We need to ensure that we are working well with our partner agencies towards both diplomacy and development and economic bridges on the continent."