Statement : Financial Services and General Government

June 9, 2021 Statement
"Like the Appropriations Committee, the work of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) touches every aspect of our daily lives. By distributing funding to the programs and services that need it most, OMB encourages jobs, businesses, communities, opportunities, and our nation to grow."
June 9, 2021 Statement
"This year, the new leadership team is placing a priority on supporting and expanding the OMB career staff. The agency is asking for $121.9 million in fiscal year ‘22, a 14.3% increase over fiscal year ‘21, to help rebuild the agency’s expertise and morale."
May 28, 2021 Statement
"These small businesses were hit the hardest in March 2020 when many businesses, including restaurants, live entertainment venues, and gyms, were forced to close or dramatically scale back operations. In response, Congress created several new programs and provided more than $1 trillion in economic relief to small businesses that were impacted by the pandemic."
May 27, 2021 Statement
"The Department of the Treasury plays a vital role in stabilizing and supporting the U.S. economy. That did not go unnoticed as this subcommittee, and Congress, put together much-needed relief packages to support individuals, families, businesses, industry, states, territories, tribes, counties, and others affected by the COVID-19 pandemic."
May 26, 2021 Statement
"It is not enough just to make sure markets work. They need to work for everyone. I look forward to working with the SEC and the Administration to help address this growing disconnect between main street and Wall Street."
May 18, 2021 Statement
"People with reliable broadband at home were more easily able to socially distance by transitioning to telecommuting and remote learning. They could use video conferencing to keep in touch with friends and family, access health care services, order essential supplies and medicines, and use government services. In other words, the pandemic has made it abundantly clear that access to reliable broadband is not a luxury but a necessity. Broadband is as important to modern life as electricity or running water."
March 11, 2021 Statement
"Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are now relying on the Postal Service for everything from medications, food, bills, and even livestock. But even as this pandemic was putting an enormous strain on the USPS, you implemented a number of new rules that led to severe and unnecessary mail delays."
March 11, 2021 Statement
"It has been awhile (nearly 20 years) since the United States Postal Service has testified before this Committee. However, this hearing could not come at a more important time. Given the vital role of the USPS during the pandemic and the recent funds that FSGG provided in the stimulus packages last year. By delivering food, medicine, personal protective equipment, and other essential equipment during the pandemic, the Postal Service has literally saved lives by helping Americans maintain social distance, limiting the spread of COVID-19, and allowing people to vote safely."
February 24, 2021 Statement
"From my years in the court room I truly believe that greater public access to the federal courts increases accountability in the judicial system and in turn strengthens transparency and restores faith in our Democracy."
February 23, 2021 Statement
"For many, these payments have been a lifeline, enabling families to put food on the table and put gas in their cars, which is why I want to make sure that every American who is entitled to this money, receives it, And I’m troubled that there are people who have not received their checks."