Statement : Homeland Security

March 11, 2020 Statement
"Unfortunately, the rhetoric and the policies of this Administration continue to make it difficult to achieve the right balance between enforcement and due process, between security and humane treatment, because they have instilled fear in my community and across the nation. I hear repeatedly of families afraid to go to work; of Dreamers who live with anxiety about their future in the only country they know to be their home; and of elementary school teachers who state their young students exhibit signs of PTSD because they are afraid that one day they will come home to an empty home. By all indications, the Administration has exacerbated our challenges in the interior, and especially at the border, where they have put the lives and wellbeing of thousands of migrants at risk."
March 10, 2020 Statement
"Unfortunately, some areas of the FY 2021 Coast Guard request are less promising. It leaves large holes in infrastructure programs and procurement for assets such as the Fast Response Cutter and the C-130. I also want to take a moment to express my frustration about the lack of complete information we have received regarding funding increases to the Offshore Patrol Cutter program."
February 27, 2020 Statement
"I have obvious concerns about spending another $2 billion on additional border barriers. But aside from any debate we might have about them, this administration continues to circumvent the will of Congress by diverting billions of dollars above what Congress specifically appropriates for this activity. The House bill will simply not include this funding."
February 26, 2020 Statement
"Turning to Fiscal Year 2021, the budget yet again calls for the unnecessary hiring of an additional 2,844 ICE law enforcement officers and proposes an outrageous increase to 60,000 detention beds. The Administration appears to have learned nothing, as Democrats will not fund unnecessary whims of the President or his campaign promises, particularly for an agency that lacks transparency and whose enforcement tactics are out of control. The request again misses the point, by focusing on a political agenda instead of securing our homeland."
February 26, 2020 Statement
"There are some things in the proposed budget that I believe will find strong bipartisan support, such as funding for the Coast Guard’s second Polar Security Cutter. However, there are also proposals you should not expect to see funded in the House bill. Among those are more funding for border barriers and the expansion of detention bed capacity, which I believe are unnecessary, particularly in light of high priority needs such as continuing to hire customs officers to speed the flow of trade and travel at the ports of entry."
July 25, 2019 Statement
"Our own constitution, federal law, and several international agreements serve as the foundation for the rights and protections I believe need to be embodied in our efforts to address the humanitarian crisis we are currently experiencing. Unfortunately, the rhetoric and the policies of this administration have made achieving that balance more difficult, and by all indications have exacerbated our challenges at the border."
July 24, 2019 Statement
"While we confront a serious humanitarian crisis at our southern border, a culture of dehumanization festers in the very agency charged with keeping us safe and serving as the face of American values to those seeking refuge."
July 24, 2019 Statement
"Chief Provost, every member of this subcommittee is committed to improving our security at the border, but we must do it in a way that is consistent with our national values including a commitment to those in need. Unfortunately, that is not happening throughout your agency. We need to talk about what appears to be a dangerous subculture at the agency that cannot be tolerated and must be addressed."
June 11, 2019 Statement
"With this bill, House Democrats continue working to strengthen our national security while reflecting our American values. The bill provides strong investments in disaster relief and anti-terrorism grant programs while putting a check on the cruel immigration enforcement of the Trump Administration. Restrictions in this bill would tighten the reins on the Administration’s practice of transferring funds for purposes other than those intended by Congress, including the dramatic expansion of interior immigration enforcement."
June 11, 2019 Statement
"This bill takes a balanced approach that includes many increases above the current level and the request across the diverse range of the department’s homeland security missions."