Statement : Homeland Security

July 16, 2021 Statement
"The strength of the bills that we have considered and the quality, the tenor, of the debate was outstanding, it reminds us all and it should remind us all that this is the best committee in the House of Representatives and, in fact, our work is at the center of the government and it doesn’t go forward without us."
July 13, 2021 Statement
"This bill responsibly funds the capabilities we need to address the many threats we face, while upholding the values we so cherish as a nation."
July 13, 2021 Statement
"We will continue to do our best to provide you with the resources necessary to protect your health; protect the country; and protect the rights and dignity of individuals, whether it be the traveling public, disaster survivors, or migrants fleeing desperate circumstances."
June 30, 2021 Statement
"This subcommittee has the important duty of funding the Department of Homeland Security, which has a diverse set of missions that together help keep the United States safe and resilient. The bill before us confronts the threats that we face, while upholding our values."
June 30, 2021 Statement
"Throughout the bill, we invest in high priority capabilities and activities across the broad spectrum of homeland security missions."
June 29, 2021 Statement
“After decades of disinvestment and the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, the American economy is seriously out of balance, favoring the wealthy and well connected and leaving working families behind. But we can reverse these trends. With our funding bills this year, we will invest in the American people: creating good-paying jobs, growing opportunity, and providing a lifeline to the middle class, working families, small businesses, and the vulnerable."
May 26, 2021 Statement
"Mr. Secretary, the Department has a varied and challenging mission set that is not always fully appreciated. I want you to know this Subcommittee does appreciate what you and the 240,000 men and women who work for you do every day to help keep our nation safe."
May 20, 2021 Statement
"I look forward to hearing their perspectives on the issues facing the Department of Homeland Security’s vital mission to protect our nation."
May 19, 2021 Statement
"I look forward to an update from you on the situation on our southern border and how you are working to ensure that migrants receive adequate shelter, culturally informed nutrition, trauma care, and due process while in CBP custody. These efforts are vital as we work towards a more humane, efficient immigration system."
May 13, 2021 Statement
"My own view is that we should not simply accept approaches that divide us, but instead work together to find appropriate solutions that balance immigration enforcement with due process, and balance removals with humanitarian considerations."