Statement : Homeland Security

May 26, 2021 Statement
"Mr. Secretary, the Department has a varied and challenging mission set that is not always fully appreciated. I want you to know this Subcommittee does appreciate what you and the 240,000 men and women who work for you do every day to help keep our nation safe."
May 20, 2021 Statement
"I look forward to hearing their perspectives on the issues facing the Department of Homeland Security’s vital mission to protect our nation."
May 19, 2021 Statement
"I look forward to an update from you on the situation on our southern border and how you are working to ensure that migrants receive adequate shelter, culturally informed nutrition, trauma care, and due process while in CBP custody. These efforts are vital as we work towards a more humane, efficient immigration system."
May 13, 2021 Statement
"My own view is that we should not simply accept approaches that divide us, but instead work together to find appropriate solutions that balance immigration enforcement with due process, and balance removals with humanitarian considerations."
May 6, 2021 Statement
"This presidential transition year, the Secret Service has a heavy protective workload that began with the completed Presidential Inauguration."
May 5, 2021 Statement
"Members of the public likely interact with TSA and its employees more than any other component of the Department of Homeland Security – or any other federal department or agency. This interaction has become much more challenging during the pandemic. While air travelers may not always express their gratitude during the passenger screening process, what TSA and its employees do to protect our Nation is greatly appreciated."
April 28, 2021 Statement
"This past year has been difficult for so many. The Coast Guard, in particular, has shown once again to be a resilient force in protecting our Nation."
March 24, 2021 Statement
"We owe it to every person in this country who has felt the pain of targeted violence or domestic terrorism to ensure that no more lives are lost to gun violence. Nevermore."
March 24, 2021 Statement
"This morning, we want to find out more about the Department’s role in countering violent extremism of every kind; what you are learning about the causes of radicalization that leads to violence; and how communities can help prevent it."
March 17, 2021 Statement
"While the threat of foreign-based terrorism continues to be a serious threat, recent events have highlighted the real and growing danger posed by domestic violent extremists."