Statement : Homeland Security

June 24, 2022 Statement
"I reject the false dichotomy that we must leave our values at the door as we look to protect our nation and strengthen our security. DHS plays a critical role in keeping our nation safe and we must support and strengthen these efforts while respecting the dignity of those who reach our borders and ensuring they receive due process under the law."
June 24, 2022 Statement
“The Homeland jurisdiction includes some of the most controversial issues this Committee faces. That makes it even more important for the Subcommittee to work collegially. As a founding member of the Subcommittee, I believe we have done that relatively well over the years, and I very much appreciate the contributions of the Ranking Member and all the members of the subcommittee to maintaining that approach."
June 16, 2022 Statement
"The history of our nation is one of unprecedented immigration, refuge, and fight. I reject the false dichotomy that we must leave our values at the door as we look to protect and strengthen our nation’s security. This bill is proof of that."
June 16, 2022 Statement
"Our Subcommittee has one of the most controversial jurisdictions, which makes it all the more important for us to work collegially.  I think we do that well, and I very much appreciate the Ranking Member’s contributions to maintaining that approach, along with those of the other subcommittee members.  And outside of the border security and immigration enforcement areas, there is much in the bill on which we are in full agreement." 
May 25, 2022 Statement
"I hope you will use this hearing as an opportunity to provide us with a candid assessment of whether your budget request is sufficient to carry out your protection responsibilities."
May 25, 2022 Statement
"The Members of this Subcommittee and Members of Congress overall greatly appreciate and support the work you, your colleagues at FEMA and emergency managers across the country do to help our communities and constituents before, during, and after disasters."
May 18, 2022 Statement
"I look forward to today’s discussion of the President’s Budget Request for TSA, and in particular the need to reform TSA’s pay structure and provide protections for employees which are equivalent to the rest of the federal workforce."
May 17, 2022 Statement
"My own view is we should work together and focus our limited resources on those who threaten our public safety and national security and to find appropriate solutions that balance immigration enforcement with due process, and balance removals with humanitarian considerations. I believe the Administration’s actions are moving in that direction."
May 12, 2022 Statement
"I commented during our hearing with the Secretary that the Department has many difficult missions and that the subcommittee is not always in agreement on the way forward on some of those missions. When it comes to the Coast Guard, I think it is fair to say that the subcommittee is largely in sync on supporting what you do and how you do it."
May 11, 2022 Statement
"There are no easy answers or solutions because cannot control the conditions in other countries – drought, violence, persecution, economic disruption – that lead people to make the desperate decision to leave their homes.    It is within our control to provide a more realistic legal framework for managing the border – one that could improve border management while also staying true to our values as a country of immigrants – but unfortunately, Congress has failed to act."