Statement : Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

July 30, 2020 Statement
"This package prioritizes the lives and livelihoods of the American people, and makes the strong investments needed to build a stronger future for every person."
July 29, 2020 Statement
"What’s good for our babies is good for our budget. With this bill, we can do what’s good for our babies."
July 13, 2020 Statement
"The FY 2021 Labor-HHS bill rejects President Trump’s proposed budget cuts and instead increases investments in important priorities that support working families, improve health security, and build a stronger future for all Americans. Critically, the bill would strengthen our response to coronavirus and the accompanying economic crisis through robust funding for state and local public health departments and public laboratories, and for the accelerated development and production of vaccines and therapeutics. With this bill, we empower families and communities by making investments to keep up with America’s health care, education, and workforce needs, so every person has a better chance at a better life."
July 13, 2020 Statement
"This bill supports some of our nation’s most critical programs. From Early Head Start to Social Security, they touch individuals and families throughout their lives."
July 7, 2020 Statement
"So, working together and building on the efforts we have made together thus far, we advance today’s bill, making investments for the nation: for health, for education, and for good-paying, safe and secure jobs, and to address the disparities in these areas that have been exposed by this virus."
July 7, 2020 Statement
"Whether it’s the medical innovations that will lead to cures and vaccines, investments to strengthen public health infrastructure, or support for schools, college affordability, child care, or workplace protections, the bill before us builds on our commitment to invest for the people."
June 4, 2020 Statement
"With many states beginning to re-open, the CDC must remain vigilant to combat the continued increase in cases as well as the expected second wave this fall. The President’s preference of a patchwork for 50 different states fighting covid-19 on their own will not stop these levels of destruction and will lead to more suffering and death. We need a national strategy on testing and tracing, and we need it now."
June 4, 2020 Statement
"We cannot have a CDC that fails to publish high-quality, specific, technical guidance. We cannot have a CDC that has reports shelved, edited, not scientifically driven, or redrafted to suit political purposes. We cannot have a CDC that provides spotty data collection and reporting. We cannot have a CDC that fails at transparency. We need federal leadership that is guided by public health expertise, real-time, rigorous, and transparent. We need CDC and its scientists and public health experts leading the way. And, I am angry that their experience and commitment have been pushed aside for a political agenda."
May 6, 2020 Statement
"I am angry that the White House mismanaged America’s reaction to the pandemic, and the President has done everything he could to avoid accountability. I am particularly upset about the lack of the necessary testing and personal protective equipment capacity. Both of which could help us to regain control."
March 11, 2020 Statement
"Sadly, the Trump Administration has been undermining protections, unions, and workers. And the Trump-controlled NLRB has been taking every opportunity to dismantle workers’ rights to organize. Some of the Board’s most egregious rulings and regulatory efforts seek to deny labor protections for thousands of workers."