Statement : Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

May 11, 2022 Statement
"NIH’s response to COVID proved what I have known for a long time – that our significant and longstanding support for biomedical research is absolutely critical to ensuring we are prepared to prevent and address health care crises whenever they may arise. The work you do saves lives and protects families the world over. And with the proper resources and leadership at NIH, our biomedical research can move very quickly and in very focused ways to achieve high-priority goals and continue to save lives."
April 28, 2022 Statement
"There is little more critical to our growth and progress as a nation than support for the educational success of our students. If the last two years have proven anything, it is that as we struggle to overcome moments of so much change, we have a moral responsibility to ensure that our students, and the families and teachers that support them every day, have the resources to succeed and to flourish."
April 6, 2022 Statement
"Appropriations legislation requires negotiation and agreement from both parties and chambers of Congress, so I am proud that our bipartisan legislation has included the SEL and Whole Child Approaches initiative for the past three years."
March 31, 2022 Statement
"With the fiscal year 2023 budget before us, we are strengthening these historic investments and ensuring the seeds of change that we planted in last year’s bills grow deep, strong, and sustainable roots."
November 17, 2021 Statement
"The fact of the matter is every day that low-income countries remain vulnerable to COVID-19 is another day for the virus to mutate and to adapt. And if we fail to ensure their access to vaccines, those countries will become the breeding grounds for new variants—variants that may be more transmissible or even worse – vaccine resistant."
July 27, 2021 Statement
"After decades of disinvestment and the devastation of the pandemic, the time is now to reinvest in the American people. The time is now to create jobs, grow opportunity, and support our nation’s most vulnerable. The time is now to meet the moral test of government."
July 26, 2021 Statement
"After decades of disinvestment and the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, the time has come to reinvest in the American people. We have an opportunity to build the architecture for the future and make vital investments that address inequities and elevate American workers and families. The transformative funding increases in the legislation before us will create good-paying American jobs, grow opportunity for the middle class and small businesses, and provide a lifeline for working families and the vulnerable."
July 16, 2021 Statement
"The strength of the bills that we have considered and the quality, the tenor, of the debate was outstanding, it reminds us all and it should remind us all that this is the best committee in the House of Representatives and, in fact, our work is at the center of the government and it doesn’t go forward without us."
July 15, 2021 Statement
"I am proud that this bill provides $253.8 billion in funding, a historic increase of 28 percent. Through this funding we are fulfilling our debt to the generations, families, and communities we serve and tipping the scales for the hard-working middle class and the vulnerable."
July 12, 2021 Statement
"Through the funding provided here we are building the architecture for the future and using this moment to lift up our nation’s most vulnerable so that every person, no matter their background or where they live, has the opportunity to contribute and succeed."