Statement : Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

July 27, 2021 Statement
"After decades of disinvestment and the devastation of the pandemic, the time is now to reinvest in the American people. The time is now to create jobs, grow opportunity, and support our nation’s most vulnerable. The time is now to meet the moral test of government."
July 26, 2021 Statement
"After decades of disinvestment and the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, the time has come to reinvest in the American people. We have an opportunity to build the architecture for the future and make vital investments that address inequities and elevate American workers and families. The transformative funding increases in the legislation before us will create good-paying American jobs, grow opportunity for the middle class and small businesses, and provide a lifeline for working families and the vulnerable."
July 16, 2021 Statement
"The strength of the bills that we have considered and the quality, the tenor, of the debate was outstanding, it reminds us all and it should remind us all that this is the best committee in the House of Representatives and, in fact, our work is at the center of the government and it doesn’t go forward without us."
July 15, 2021 Statement
"I am proud that this bill provides $253.8 billion in funding, a historic increase of 28 percent. Through this funding we are fulfilling our debt to the generations, families, and communities we serve and tipping the scales for the hard-working middle class and the vulnerable."
July 12, 2021 Statement
"Through the funding provided here we are building the architecture for the future and using this moment to lift up our nation’s most vulnerable so that every person, no matter their background or where they live, has the opportunity to contribute and succeed."
June 29, 2021 Statement
“After decades of disinvestment and the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, the American economy is seriously out of balance, favoring the wealthy and well connected and leaving working families behind. But we can reverse these trends. With our funding bills this year, we will invest in the American people: creating good-paying jobs, growing opportunity, and providing a lifeline to the middle class, working families, small businesses, and the vulnerable."
May 26, 2021 Statement
"After this pandemic is over, our public health agencies cannot go back to what they were. We need to meet this moment and build the public health architecture to move our public health partners and workforce forward."
May 25, 2021 Statement
"I am pleased to see that President Biden’s budget requests to continue the momentum in fiscal year 2022. The request proposes an increase of about $2.5 billion to expand funding for NIH’s core activities such as research grants, clinical trials, and infrastructure support."
May 19, 2021 Statement
"The programs in the Labor-HHS-Education bill equip our nation to deal with public health emergencies."
May 18, 2021 Statement
"As the largest non-defense appropriations bill, this subcommittee allocates approximately one-third of annual non-defense discretionary spending...As we draft a new bill for fiscal year 2022, it is important to hear from our colleagues about their top priorities."