Statement : Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

May 18, 2021 Statement
"As the largest non-defense appropriations bill, this subcommittee allocates approximately one-third of annual non-defense discretionary spending...As we draft a new bill for fiscal year 2022, it is important to hear from our colleagues about their top priorities."
May 13, 2021 Statement
"But it is absolutely crucial that we train police to deal with mental health emergencies. Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs create connections between law enforcement, mental health providers, hospital emergency services and individuals with mental illness and their families."
May 5, 2021 Statement
"The investments are crucial. We are finally moving toward a budget and a role for government that works to level the playing field so that anyone, no matter who they are, or where they are from can achieve the American Dream."
April 28, 2021 Statement
"Many have been forced to consider new careers because the jobs they had prior to the pandemic no longer exist. That is why I am so encouraged that you and President Biden have made it a priority to invest in American jobs. That means investing in workforce development, including sector-based training, apprenticeship programs, and partnerships between institutions of higher education and employers."
April 20, 2021 Statement
"We need to provide more than just increased funding for these crucial institutions. We must drill down into where exactly is the greatest need and work to identify the programs, practices, and solutions that need the most support."
April 15, 2021 Statement
"At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has only exposed the already serious failures in our public health system, it is time to be ambitious, it is time to meet the moment, it is time to do whatever it is we can not only to put our country back on track but also to build the infrastructure for the future and chart a better, and a more equitable course forward for all Americans."
March 23, 2021 Statement
"Our mothers are the lifeblood of our families, our nation, and our world. And those 1,000 days between the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy to the second birthday of her child are already incredibly stressful, challenging, and life changing. But now for the first time in history women are more likely to die during childbirth than their mothers were before them. This is unacceptable."
March 11, 2021 Statement
"Without proper treatment, trauma, and complex trauma like the kind we are seeing in so many kids and adults during this pandemic can last and compound for years, even generations. Our kids, our essential workers, our most vulnerable are suffering. We owe it not only to them, but to the health and resilience of our economy, our workforce, and our society to ensure these people get the mental, as well as physical health care that they need."
March 2, 2021 Statement
"It is unconscionable that the very people we depend on to help deliver a safe and abundant supply of food are themselves subject to unacceptably lax safety standards and dangerous work environments riddled with wholly preventable safety hazards."
February 24, 2021 Statement
"We saved the airlines. We saved small businesses. Now let us save lives."