Statement : Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

July 19, 2022 Statement
“This bill improves the quality of life on military installations, and honors servicemembers and their families once they leave these facilities, by ensuring veterans receive the care and support they earned.”
July 19, 2022 Statement
"When taken together, this package meets the moment at a time when so many want to see critical changes in our priorities. It reaches every corner of our nation to give hard working Americans, the middle class, and the vulnerable a better shot."
July 18, 2022 Statement
“This bill invests in the programs that improve our military readiness and honor the veterans who have given so much through their service to our nation.”
June 23, 2022 Statement
"These are programs vitally important to servicemembers, their families, and to our veterans. Robust investments will keep our nation safe, rebuild our infrastructure, and honor our men and women in uniform."
June 23, 2022 Statement
“I am proud that the bill before us makes needed investments in the programs that improve our military readiness and quality of life and provides the benefits and medical care our veterans have earned during their service to our nation."
June 15, 2022 Statement
"The men and women who have sacrificed so much for our nation deserve the investments in quality care that this bill makes. So I am very proud that, taken together, the investments in this bill uphold our commitments to them."
June 15, 2022 Statement
"With this bill, we are investing in programs that are so critical to our current and former servicemembers and their families."
May 19, 2022 Statement
"Every year, we work incredibly hard to include as many Member priorities as possible in our bill, and hearing from Members today will help us focus on what is important to Members this year."
May 12, 2022 Statement
"MilCon is so much more than building new firing ranges and forts. It’s providing resilient, state-of-the-art facilities that can weather increasingly destructive storms. It’s reducing our carbon footprint and combatting climate change. It’s building child development centers and hospitals. It’s cleaning up the environmental messes our bases have left behind. It’s providing quality housing for our servicemembers and their families – ensuring military readiness." 
May 11, 2022 Statement
"As veterans live longer and recover from injuries that may have been fatal in decades past, these programs are critical to ensure that VA has the tools and treatments it needs to give veterans not only the best medical care, but the best possible quality of life."