Statement : State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

July 9, 2019 Statement
"The United States has some of the best technology and marketing minds in the world. However, Russian disinformation campaigns only seem to be growing stronger. We must adapt and innovate to effectively deliver programming and inform audiences."
June 12, 2019 Statement
"Today we bring four bills to the Floor that reject the slash-and-burn approach of the Trump administration and instead chart a new course – one that increases investments in American families to make up for lost ground; one that gives every person a better chance at a better life."
May 16, 2019 Statement
"This bill reflects Congressional priorities that advance United States foreign policy. It upholds many bipartisan positions of this Committee and of Congress. The allocation for all departments, agencies and commissions under the jurisdiction of this bill is $56.381 billion in discretionary budget authority. This 3.9% increase over the total FY 2019 enacted level supports important investments to protect our national security, fund our commitments, and repair America’s reputation internationally."
May 10, 2019 Statement
"This bill reflects Congressional priorities to advance U.S. foreign policy and our foreign assistance programs. It upholds many bipartisan positions of this Committee and of Congress. It largely follows the language of the FY 2019 Omnibus, with notable exceptions on certain issues, such as reproductive health, climate change, and multilateral assistance."
March 27, 2019 Statement
Secretary Pompeo, while it has taken some time for you to come before the subcommittee, I thank you for joining us. It is important that this subcommittee, with direct jurisdiction over your Department’s funding, hears from you on the Fiscal Year 2020 budget.
March 12, 2019 Statement
Our public witnesses represent a wide array of perspectives and expertise that help Congress better assess the impact and effectiveness of foreign assistance. As we assess the President’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2020, your voices are critical to the appropriations process. Let me be clear: Our nation’s security cannot afford a budget that does not adequately fund our diplomatic and development programs, or life-saving humanitarian assistance. The draconian cuts this administration continues to advocate are irresponsible – particularly at a time of unprecedented human suffering – and wholesale, haphazard cuts are not an option.
February 27, 2019 Statement
"It is clear that our humanitarian and development efforts are needed now more than ever. For USAID to succeed in leading these efforts, the Agency must have sufficient resources and staffing to nimbly and effectively respond."