Statement : Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

July 19, 2022 Statement
"This year’s T-HUD bill makes forward-looking investments in our housing and transportation infrastructure, all while bolstering safety and uplifting vulnerable populations. It will benefit communities across America and lay a strong foundation for economic growth and resiliency."
July 19, 2022 Statement
"When taken together, this package meets the moment at a time when so many want to see critical changes in our priorities. It reaches every corner of our nation to give hard working Americans, the middle class, and the vulnerable a better shot."
July 18, 2022 Statement
“The ‘T-HUD’ section, represents our continued commitment to upgrading our aging transportation infrastructure, addressing our nation’s affordable housing and homelessness crises, bolstering our resiliency in the face of natural disasters and a changing climate, remedying inequities and disparities in our housing and transportation systems, and prioritizing safety—whether eliminating hazards in public housing or improving the certification of new aircraft.”
June 30, 2022 Statement
"The goals of the programs funded in the Transportation-Housing and Urban Development bill that we consider today are critical: they ensure every American has access to reliable and efficient transportation and a safe and affordable place to call home."
June 30, 2022 Statement
"I am very pleased with how this bill will improve the lives of countless individuals across the country. We are taking action to expand safe and affordable housing and build equitable transportation networks throughout the nation."
June 23, 2022 Statement
"Strengthening and sustaining the reliability of our transportation infrastructure is good for our communities. It is part of how we confront the climate crisis and fight inflation. And in the process, we are also creating good-paying American jobs that lift up our communities, expand opportunities for low-income and working Americans, and push our economic development forward."
June 23, 2022 Statement
"The bill we have before us today represents our commitment to the American people. The funding provided in this bill will improve transportation safety, address our nation’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis, and protect vulnerable populations—especially those most likely to have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including communities of color, the unhoused, and LGBTQ+  individuals."
May 26, 2022 Statement
"There is still much work that needs to be done—and done quickly—alongside these policies to help preserve the affordability of manufactured homes and communities.  There is a task for local governments here, from managing land use to enforcing safety and sanitation standards, and a challenge to non-profits and community-minded developers as well. But our focus today is on federal policy – policy that despite the breadth and diversity of HUD’s portfolio, has often seen the manufactured housing sector fall through the cracks."
May 25, 2022 Statement
"The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development subcommittee funds programs that affect every district in the country.  From building and repairing our nation’s affordable housing to improving our airports, roads and bridges, the programs in this bill improve safety, provide stable housing for our most vulnerable, and create jobs that further America’s infrastructure and economy. "
May 11, 2022 Statement
"Stable quality housing is foundational to how people build their lives and I am pleased that the budget request before us lays the groundwork for millions of households to remain stably housed or have the opportunity to build a stable, safe, and thriving future."