• Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen and the House Committee on Appropriations are committed to reining in federal spending. Since FY 2010, the Committee has cut discretionary spending by a total of $768 billion.
  • The twelve subcommittees engage in comprehensive oversight – including in-depth public hearings - to find waste and abuse wherever it occurs. View the Committee’s hearing schedule.
  • The House Committee on Appropriations is accountable for responsible, limited levels of federal discretionary spending.
  • The Committee on Appropriations aims to keep tax dollars where they are needed most – in the hands of businesses and individuals across the nation so they can create jobs and grow our economy. Learn more about the Committee’s legislation.

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This Week in Appropriations

On Tuesday, May 23, the Financial Services Subcommittee will hold an IRS oversight hearing at 3 PM. 

On Wednesday, May 24, the Committee will hold eight budget and oversight hearings. Click here for a full list of hearings.

On Thursday, May 25, the Committee will hold three budget hearings. Click here for a full list of hearings.