Chairman Rogers: President’s Budget Long on Rhetoric, Lean on Spending Cuts

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Chairman Rogers: President’s Budget Long on Rhetoric, Lean on Spending Cuts
WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers commented on the President’s fiscal year 2012 Budget request, which was released today – one week after the annual deadline:
“I appreciate the President’s attempt to address the need for cuts in this fiscal year 2012 budget request, finally reflecting a realization that our country must reduce spending and drastically scale back our deficits and debt in order to get our economy moving again.
“However, the President’s budget appears to be long on rhetoric and lean on spending cuts. We must go much further than this anemic effort of symbolic reductions and additional spending proposed under the guise of funding “freezes” if we are truly to get our nation’s finances on a sustainable course.
“The Continuing Resolution (CR) that will be on the floor of the House this week contains the largest set of spending reductions in the history of the nation – more than $100 billion in cuts from last year’s Presidential budget request. This legislation represents a real, substantive effort that will help steer a better path for our nation’s budget and economy, starting a trend of spending reductions that will carry forward in Appropriations bills in the coming year. I would welcome the President’s engagement in and support of this historic and critical legislation, and encourage him to join us in our goal of immediately and dramatically reducing government spending.”

112th Congress