Chairman Rogers: Sandy Disaster Request to Receive Thorough Consideration

Dec 7, 2012
Press Release

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers today stated that the White House request for disaster funding for Hurricane Sandy recovery will receive thorough consideration by the House Appropriations Committee.  The request was relayed to the Congress today, and asks Congress for a total of $60.4 billion in various short- and long-term recovery efforts.

The statement by Chairman Rogers follows:

“It is critically important Congress fulfills its responsibility to those individuals, families, businesses and communities recovering from Hurricane Sandy. It’s clear that this disaster has had devastating impacts on a scope not seen since Hurricane Katrina, and our hearts continue to be with those who have lost their loved ones, their livelihoods, their homes, and their peace of mind.

“It is also our responsibility during these tight-budget times to make sure that the victims of this storm are getting the most of every single recovery dollar, and to ensure that disaster funds are timed and targeted in the most efficient and appropriate manner.

“My Committee will consider the White House request for recovery assistance very thoroughly, with an eye toward prioritizing urgently needed recovery efforts that will have the most benefit to the victims of this storm, and determining the federal role in these efforts. It is our intent to responsibly provide federal assistance as necessary to ensure that victims and communities can recover, rebuild, and regain normalcy in their daily lives.”

112th Congress