Chairman Rogers Statement on Fiscal Year 2017 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill

May 26, 2016
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers issued the following statement after H.R. 5055, the fiscal year 2017 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill, failed to secure the majority vote required for passage:

“H.R. 5055 is an extremely good bill that reflects conservative priorities – funding our national security, investing in necessary infrastructure, and standing against the Obama Administration’s job-killing regulatory agenda.

“The bill contains targeted funding increases for critical national programs – over 70 percent of these increases are dedicated solely to our nuclear defense. Other increased investments are made to programs that improve public safety and economic development – like the Army Corps of Engineers. 

“Further, the bill makes responsible cuts to wasteful and lower-priority programs, and restricts funding for a litany of onerous regulations that might prove harmful to our economy. 

“I’m very disappointed that this bill could not clear the House today, but I remain dedicated to working this bill and all other Appropriations bills through regular order – through the Committee, through the Congress, and to the President's desk. Today's result will not stop our process, but is merely a temporary pause.”

114th Congress